Policy Mapping Tool to Inform Industry Stakeholders of Potential Regulatory Reforms

To help elevate policy discussion about the potential reforms of Targeted Employment Areas (“TEAs”), I led the research initiatives at IIUSA to develop several interactive maps to visualize the hypothetical impacts of various proposed approaches to reform the designation of a TEA/

The map below is one of the mapping tools that I created to inform the stakeholders of the impact of the TEA reform proposed by Department of Homeland Security on its NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rule Making) in 2017. It visualizes the census tracts that will be qualified as a TEA indecently and also provides data (such as employment rate, labor force participation) to allow users to calculate the weighted unemployment rate of any combination of adjacent census tracts.

(The map was first published on IIUSA website at: https://iiusa.org/eb-5-tea-policy-proposals-analytic-mapping-tool-on-contiguous-adjacent-tea/

[For a better experience, click here to explore the map on your desktop]