DMV Housing Market Data Analytics: A Fun Map (still in Development)!

This is my personal side project (not done yet!) to visualize the growth of median home value by census tract in the DC-VA-MD area between 2015 and 2017 for my house hunting. The data panel on the right also displays selected census tract’s social-economics and demographics statistics, powered by the awesome database from the U.S. Census Bureau.

(Please use map on your desktop – mobile version is not optimized yet.)

[Explore the Map on Full Screen]

[Explore the Map on Full Screen]

Visualize EB-5 Economic Impact

Using the data from a variety of peer-reviewed research, I created this interactive map to visualize the robust impact of EB-5 investments on the U.S. economy. The map helps to bring the data of these wonderful reports to life and has been widely used in IIUSA’s advocacy initiatives.

The map was first published on IIUSA website at:

[For a better experience, click here to explore the map on your desktop]